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An accomplished athlete working with people to unlock their potential.

I’m Bruce Young, an athlete who has found success through discipline and motivation. Much of what I have accomplished physically has been applied to other facets of my life, and of those around me. Now in my fifties, the mental part of the game is more critical than ever – and I am eager to share this strategy with others… read more.

Inspiring Conversations

Keeping Up with Jerry Patten

Professional Home Building has been in Jerry’s family for years. But, when he’s not building homes, just try to keep up with this inspiring Masters… Read more

Cathy Terreberry

Age No Matter for This Racer

Cathy Terreberry’s first love is her family and grandchildren – but the journey to her first Ironman and Escape from Alcatraz triathlon comes a close… Read more

Maureen Wiley Triathlete

First Ironman Proves “Nothing is Impossible”

Certified Personal Trainer Maureen Wiley is a proud mother of three living her winters in Oakville and her summers training for various triathlons in Muskoka,… Read more

Welcome to The Forge

Podcast: MTN & WAVE

Today we are talking with Lauren and Michelle, the founders of MTN & WAVE, a unique lifestyle brand that celebrates the Collingwood area. Read more

Podcast: Tara Hunt

Today we’re talking with Collingwood Anytime Fitness owner Tara Hunt. She’s an incredible, motivated woman. She’s also a Red Bull Crushed Ice competitor. Read more

Podcast: Gordana Jakopcevic

Today’s conversation is with Gordana Jakopcevic, an inspiring woman with an amazing story to share.  Enjoy! Visit to find out more about Gordana Read more