Maureen Wiley Triathlete

First Ironman Proves “Nothing is Impossible”

Certified Personal Trainer Maureen Wiley is a proud mother of three living her winters in Oakville and her summers training for various triathlons in Muskoka, Ontario. Find out how Maureen got into Ironman and Triathlon and is setting an excellent example as a role model for her children.

Maureen Wiley Triathlete TrainingWhen did you know you wanted something different? After my third child turned 2 years old I needed to do something for me. I wanted to get back into shape and with other adults! I was home with my 3 kids and I needed more of a group setting. I have always been a runner and I was bored with that. I saw an ad in the paper to a local Tri Club to train to do your first triathlon in 12 weeks so I signed up. I had never been on a road bike and swimming was something I did recreationally. I wanted a new challenge. Trained with this amazing group finished my first sprint tri and placed first in my age! I was hooked!

What keeps you motivated? Initially, it was “follow the plan or else” fear…I didn’t want to be ill prepared. I was also motivated to get into shape again and lose the rest of the baby weight. Later on, I wanted to show my kids that an active life is fun and good for you. Now after 10 years of doing tris it’s enjoyable to plan and train with friends.

How has your life changed since you decided you wanted something different? It’s amazing because when I started doing triathlons I started out with the sprint and Olympic distances. It was all I could manage with young kids. It was back then when I volunteered at an Ironman and thought that was the craziest race ever…yet so inspired!! 8 years later my kids were older and I was injury free so I signed up to do an IM on Mother’s Day! I followed the plan exactly and I remember thinking this was impossible to do. I finished and felt amazing – more mentally than physically. I had accomplished what it thought was impossible. A lesson that translates into the real world. I then decided to be more involved in fitness and took my Personal Trainer course and started training people. It motivated me to continue taking fitness courses.

Maureen Wiley Triathlete CyclingTell me about your nutrition. I eat clean. Breakfast would be eggs or yogurt with granola, lunch is salad with protein and dinner is lots of veggies with a meat. Of course, I enjoy my handful of chocolate-covered almonds every day and wine every now and then! I just try to stay away from starchy food.

What is your definition of someone who is old? I think it’s someone who has stopped living actively not only physically, but mentally too. I think it’s important to engage with others and to stay involved any way you can. Whether it’s going for a walk or playing cards and engaging.

What do you see yourself doing in 10 years? I hope to be injury free and I see myself still involved with the Tri community and in fitness. Perhaps becoming more involved with the coaching side of triathlon. I do love fitness maybe teaching boot camp on a beach in the Caribbean!

What do you do to stay Young? I think my kids keep me Young. I play sports with them. If they want to do something active I try to make it happen…play b-ball, tennis or go for a run. I always have a great time with them too. I also plan at least 2 Tri races a year. Then I am accountable to not skip out on training and I’m at the gym at least 4 or 5 times a week.

How old would you be if you did not know how old you were? I feel like I’m in my 20s. I am definitely more fit then I was back then. I think now I have more discipline than I did back then. I was very active with basketball but I didn’t do strength training…plus the wings, pizza, and beer didn’t help.

What were your parents doing when they were the age you are now? My dad was very fit and active. He played hockey, baseball, and went to the gym routinely. He was a coach, a referee, an umpire and he spectated every game he wasn’t involved in that we ever played. Huge inspiration! My mother was the caretaker. She cooked ultra-healthy meals…peaches were often our dessert!! Gasp I know!!

Maureen Wiley Triathlete FinishMark Twain wrote, “The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.” Most people eventually find out there “why” which answers why they are here. Do you know yours? If so, when did you discover it and how did that change your life? I think once you have kids they become your “why” you’re here. Hopefully to inspire, show them good decisions making with fitness and nutrition so they lead long healthy lives. To be “real” and to stay involved in their lives. To make sure they have their education too – so important.

What is next for you? Prepare for another Tri season and continue to learn more about healthy living – maybe nutrition course or cooking class (I’m sure my kids would love that). Continue to help people along with their fitness goals.

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