Richard Calistan Mountain Biking

On the Right Track

Richard Calistan Before and AfterRichard Calistan is a multi-award winning Audio Engineer who works on television shows and movies. Over the past 25 years, he’s worked with hundreds of actors including Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, Robin Williams and Samuel L. Jackson. Working crazy hours and very often through the night to meet the demanding schedule, fitness was not always part of his life. In 2008, he began a life changing journey that would help him lose 80 pounds and start an addiction to running that ended up with him reaching his ultimate goal, the Boston Marathon. After running 7 marathons and multiple races of various distances he is now an avid mountain biker, and rides weekly to keep up his fitness.

When did you know you wanted something different? I was extremely overweight for a large part of my adult life. In 2008 while walking our dog, I felt out of breath. I thought “Oh no. This is not good”. It was this moment in my life that was the catalyst for me to change my life.

What keeps you motivated? 
My wife and our son. I really appreciate the gift of good health and I want to stick around for as long as possible.

How did you get started? By walking around the block, seriously!!! Then it went to two blocks…. You get the picture.

How has your life changed since you decided you wanted something different? First, I am way more healthy. I am so much happier, and I have been able to experience many incredible things over the years.

Tell me about your nutrition. My body is a “fat man always ready to return” so I have to watch my portions, no red meat and just to be aware of what I’m eating. I know the good food from the evil food.

Richard Calistan RaceWhat is your definition of old? Wow. That’s tough, I’m very inspired by some old people. During one of my first marathons, I was passed at one point by the legend, Ed Whitlock, and I think he was almost 80 years old at that time. (I wasn’t that slow, he’s a really fast runner, that keeps breaking world records). I mountain bike with a few guys that are older than me, and they are way better riders than me.
Old should be still enjoying and loving life as if you were 20.

What do you see yourself doing in 10 years? Trying to have as much adventure in my life as possible. This year I drove to BC and mountain biked at numerous trails along the way, and it really opened my eyes to the beauty of our amazing country. I rode in the Alpine of Revelstoke. Did a helicopter drop to the top of a mountain and rode down, and hiked up various mountains.

What do you do to stay Young? Do not take life seriously!!!! Laugh as much as you can and always be the goof. (Well that’s what I’m told I am)

How old would you be if you did not know how old you were? Maybe 25. Old enough that you weren’t carded for I.D. all the time.

What were your parents doing when they were the age you are now? Well I’m 48 now, my Dad was always working his ass off, but neither parents were active. They like watching TV a lot.

Mark Twain wrote, “The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why”. Most people eventually find out their “why” which answers why they are here. Do you know yours? If so, when did you discover it and how did that change your life? I like to think I was born to bring as much happiness and joy to as many people as possible. To be there to support and love my family is really important to me.

What is next for you? As much awesome stuff as possible. It’s going to be crazy!! (You’ve got to have goals). As far as fitness I want to stay as active as I can for many years to come.

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