“The Goal Setting workshop was very informative. Bruce’s ability to help you map out a solid and realistic plan to ensure you achieve your goals was very beneficial to our members. He has a great energy. You could feel that he truly cared about what everyone’s goal was, and how they were setting themselves up to succeed in achieving them.”
– Jennifer Nichol, Owner, CrossFit Indestri

“We like to add value to our client’s gym memberships whenever possible. Bruce’s goal setting seminar was a great way for our clients to remind themselves why they work so hard both in and out of the box. It fired them up for the year ahead and gave them a valuable tool to use in the weeks, months, and years to come. Everyone came in the next day ready to work hard and excited about the future.”
– Mike McConnell, Owner/Head Trainer, CrossFit Orillia

“Bruce hosted a Goal Setting Seminar in our gym, CrossFit M3, this past summer and it was a great success. Bruce brings along a wealth of both life and CrossFit knowledge and enthusiasm which keeps the seminar super fun and engaging. The principles that he talks about can be applied not only to furthering your CrossFit goals but are applicable to all areas of life, which make this seminar suitable for absolutely everyone. We would definitely have Bruce back again!”
– Margaret Kimball-Lefave, Owner/Head Trainer, CrossFit M3

“I attended one of Bruce’s goal setting workshops at my CrossFit gym in Mississauga. Bruce organized his workshop in a manner that was easy to follow and provided us with visuals, written descriptions, and my personal favourite – anecdotes about his own goal setting. I enjoyed hearing how he worked to achieve his goals and the steps he took or perseverance he had, despite any setbacks. After hearing his story I felt compelled to write my own goals but still felt at a loss for what to choose. He had us do individual and partner exercises to write general goals, and then helped narrow down our parameters to make our outcome more achievable within a given timeframe. He created a safe and warm environment in which I felt comfortable sharing my goals and asking for help to create steps to follow. Pull-ups were my goal and I was proud to write Bruce 6 months later telling him of my accomplishments. He’s a motivational speaker but also walks the talk. Although I don’t have the pleasure of seeing him often, I follow him on social media and know he is living the life he promotes through his sessions.”
– Rebecca Meyer

“Bruce did a Goal Coaching Session to kick off our 21-Day Nutrition Challenge at our gyms. He is a captivating and motivating force. He was able to resonate and connect with every participant at the session. His direct, measurable approach to goal setting is extremely effective. His candor and personal stories of both the highs and lows he has experienced in life make him extremely relatable and approachable. It is beyond motivating to see a person achieve their goals at any stage in life, never mind as a successful master athlete. We look forward to working with Bruce again!”
– Michelle Fallis and Ryan Abush, Owners, CrossFit Newmarket and Aurora Central

“When a friend suggested I attend a “planning session” at a local CrossFit Gym back in January, I assumed it was about diet and nutrition. It was so much more…about achievement in general and the process of attaining goals. This was my introduction to the Bruce Young and the first step of my transformation. My CrossFit training had lapsed due to a chronic illness that had me injecting a chemotherapy drug weekly to stabilize my immune system. I was just stuck, frustrated and angry at my lack of progression. I won a free coaching session with Bruce, and after speaking with Bruce for only an hour, things started to change. We had the BHAGS set out quickly (Big Hairy Audacious Goals) and then started mapping the process to achieve them. I immediately signed up for more sessions and started saying ‘yes’ … to life, to trying new things, to stepping out of my comfort zone. I rode a horse in the desert, entered an axe-throwing competition, flew a Cessna to overcome my fear of flying, hiked the rainforest in Panama and mountains in Jasper, California, and Nevada, attained my CrossFit Level 1 certification, saw the Grand Canyon, passed the Ontario Mortgage Broker’s Course…. oh, I could go on. The most incredible part of this past year was reuniting with my husband of 22 years, from whom I had separated. I am now happily back home, coaching CrossFit, still setting goals with Bruce. He holds me accountable. My favourite expression of his, and he has many, is ‘take the power back.’ With his help and guidance, my focus has gone from shotgun to laser and I so appreciate his insight.”
– Susan Thomas

“I met Bruce during a goal setting session at CrossFit Newmarket in early 2017 and let me tell you it was the beginning of an enlightening journey of self discovery. I had a number of health/life goals in mind and had been thinking about coaching for some time but wasn’t entirely sure of what I wanted or needed. What began as a simple goal setting exercise with Bruce became so much more…a path to self-discovery with a large dose of accountability. Bruce helped me understand more clearly the kind of thinking that was sabotaging and holding me back from making real concrete and positive steps towards establishing a healthy lifestyle – one that would enable me to better manage my stress and feel well on a daily basis. Bruce has an amazing capacity and a no-BS approach to coaching – he is exactly what I needed to make the leap to fully reach for and embrace my health goals. He’s tough but incredibly authentic and kind which is what makes him so great at what he does. I am so appreciative of his knowledge and wisdom (not to mention his humour) and look forward to working with him again.”
– Karen Spiers

“Bruce, you are a truly powerful, life-changing influence for me. At a time when I wasn’t clear on the direction I was headed, you challenged me, helped me to expand my vision and dream big! Your passion for others is contagious. Thank you, forever grateful for you and the impact you’ve made on my life!”
– Gordana Jakopcevic, Writer + CrossFit & Mindset Coach

“I have throughly enjoyed my sessions with Bruce. Not only do we meet for an hour a week, but he checks in almost every day to see how I’m doing and where I’m at with my goals. His support has far exceeded my expectations. I went to Bruce because I have specific goals, and he has helped me immensely to come up with a game plan to reach those goals. I am early on my journey, but amazed at my results already.”
– Steve Ewen

“I have worked with Bruce for the past year and have found him to be very professional, intelligent, creative, and thoughtful. He has been a powerful tool in building my business and I would recommend Bruce to anyone looking to improve their bottom line.”
– Blaine Benoit, Elite Crete Systems