Podcast: MTN & WAVE

February 21, 2018

Today we are talking with Lauren and Michelle, the founders of MTN & WAVE, a unique lifestyle brand that celebrates the Collingwood area. Read more

Podcast: Tara Hunt

January 3, 2018

Today we’re talking with Collingwood Anytime Fitness owner Tara Hunt. She’s an incredible, motivated woman. She’s also a Red Bull Crushed Ice competitor. Read more

Podcast: Gordana Jakopcevic

December 18, 2017

Today’s conversation is with Gordana Jakopcevic, an inspiring woman with an amazing story to share.  Enjoy! Visit www.gordanaj.com to find out more about Gordana Read more

Podcast: Monkii-ng around with Dan Vinson

December 8, 2017

Dan Vinson is the co-founder of Monkii Bars, an innovative exercise tool that delivers awesome workouts without the gym. Read more

Podcast: Getting Freshii

December 8, 2017

In this episode we’re talking to Taylor Bach, owner of Freshii in Collingwood on how he went about achieving his goal of opening up his own business Read more

Podcast: Glory Days

May 1, 2017

Today we’re talking about the glory days – and whether you should let them be behind or ahead of you! Read more

Podcast: My Open

April 11, 2017

Today we’re talking about the idea of owning success – or setbacks. Recognizing the reasons behind a result is a great way to move from upset to satisfaction when looking at things from a greater perspective. Read more

Podcast: The Trees

February 13, 2017

Today we’re talking about focus. While most people focus on the obstacles, I find it more productive to focus on the benefits… Read more

Podcast: Screen Time

February 2, 2017

In this episode, we look at this “time vampire” and how it affects our goals and performance. Read more

Podcast: Pleasure vs Pain

January 31, 2017

A follow-up to The Grand Illusion, where we look closely at our habits and what drives us to change them…or not. Read more

The Grand Illusion

January 22, 2017

Today we’re talking about social media, and the grand illusion that it has created.  We will talk about the challenges that this illusion creates, and ways to harness the power of social media and put it to good use.   Read more


Fighting Back at the Idea of Settling

February 25, 2017

Interview with the Collingwood Enterprise-Bulletin, February 24, 2017 Read the article Read more

Interview on 97.7 the Beach

February 14, 2017

Catherine Thompson and I chat about coaching, goal-setting, and CrossFit. Read more

Industri CrossFit


January 14, 2017

Why are you participating in the Open? Doing the open because I view this as the best opportunity to see how I stack up against athletes from around the globe in my age category. Read more